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Active shooter training held over the weekend at Little Rock church

Little Rock, Arkansas – In a world where unpredictability is often the only certainty, Gaines Street Baptist Church took a proactive step in ensuring the safety and preparedness of its congregation. On a Sunday that diverged from their usual routine of Bible study and worship, the church hosted an active shooter training session, aiming to equip its members with lifesaving knowledge and skills.

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The decision to conduct this training stemmed from the unfortunate reality that places of worship have been targets of violence in the past. For members like Angela Hampton, this session was not just about learning but also about strengthening the bond within their church community. “We’re all like a family,” Hampton expressed, highlighting the close-knit nature of their congregation.

The training, led by LRPD Officer Henry Moore, was more than just a precautionary measure. It was an educational experience that delved into past incidents, providing insights on how to act in dangerous situations. Officer Moore’s guidance aimed to replace assumptions with informed actions, teaching the members the difference between what they think they should do and what they actually should do in a crisis.

Senior Pastor J. Barrington Minix Sr. reflected on the necessity of such training in current times, despite the inherent desire for a church to remain a sanctuary, a safe haven. “A sanctuary is a safe place, and we want to keep our safe place, our safe place,” Minix Sr. said. This sentiment resonates with the congregation, as they believe in the sanctity and safety of their worship space, yet recognize the importance of being prepared for any eventuality.

The training not only provided practical knowledge but also brought the members closer together. Creating a plan for a scenario they hope never to encounter has ironically strengthened their unity. As Hampton put it, “We’re hoping and praying nothing does happen, but if it does, we’re glad that we’ll know what to do.”

In an age where safety concerns can loom large even in sacred spaces, the members of Gaines Street Baptist Church have taken a significant step. They have balanced their need for spiritual nourishment with the practicality of safety preparedness, ensuring that their place of worship continues to be a sanctuary in every sense of the word.

Nathan Kim



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