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ARDOT shuts down Jacksonville overpass after hole develops in bridge deck

Jacksonville, Arkansas – In a recent incident that highlights infrastructure concerns, the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) took swift action by closing an overpass in Jacksonville. This decision came after a significant hole was discovered in the bridge deck, posing an immediate safety risk.

Located on the Vandenberg Boulevard overpass, the hole was found during a routine inspection. The severity of the situation led to the immediate closure of not just the overpass but also one lane of the northbound Highway 67/167. This precautionary measure was essential to ensure the safety of motorists.

The hole, located near the center of the road, demanded urgent attention. ARDOT shared images that showed the extent of the damage. Concrete pieces from the bridge were broken, falling onto the supports below. These visuals were alarming, with the rebar becoming visible from the road and, more startlingly, the sky visible through the hole when viewed from beneath the bridge.

As a result of this closure, ARDOT officials have warned drivers to expect significant delays. Traffic is anticipated to move slowly around the affected area. Initially, the closure was estimated to be just over a half-mile long. However, due to the severity of the damage, it was later expanded to nearly 2.4 miles.

As of now, ARDOT has not provided an estimated timeframe for the completion of the repair work. The lack of a definitive timeline underscores the complexity of the repair task at hand. Meanwhile, drivers are advised to seek alternate routes or be prepared for delays in their commute.

Olivia Martinez



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