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Arkansas advocates rallied for Domestic Violence Awareness month

Little Rock, Arkansas – In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month, Arkansas advocates are ardently echoing messages of hope and empowerment. As part of this initiative, this weekend witnessed a powerful gathering of local women, all rallying to shine a light on the issue and provide unwavering support for victims.

The “Aim for Change” campaign, a beacon of solidarity for those affected by domestic violence, was instrumental in uniting women from diverse backgrounds, strengthening advocacy efforts. Rosalyn Renell, CEO of R and R Estates, reflected on the impactful gathering, expressing her admiration for the “love, support, and kindness shared” and the commendable networking that took place among the participants.

In a distinctive collaborative effort, the local women’s empowerment non-profit organization, The Melanin Land, partnered with the Fab Firearms Academy. This alliance was not only a platform for women to share their personal experiences linked to domestic violence but also an opportunity to educate them about the importance of self-defense. Desstoni Johnson, owner of Fab Firearms Academy, underscored the necessity of empowering women with self-defense knowledge, emphasizing that they “have options beyond just dealing with abuse.”

Arkansas has a lamentable record when it comes to domestic violence against women, ranking among the states with the highest reported incidents. Acknowledging this grim reality, a segment of the proceeds from the event was dedicated to the March for Black Women and Girls organization. The organization’s founder, Coffy Davis, highlighted their relentless commitment to providing indispensable resources throughout the year, including housing, food, and childcare information.

The commendable “Aim For Change” photoshoot campaign will soon make its presence felt on various social media channels, amplifying its advocacy for domestic violence education. Drekkia Writes, Founder of The Melanin Land, pointed to a poignant phrase displayed at the event, ‘I am my sister’s keeper’, as a testament to the community’s unwavering support, irrespective of blood ties.

Writes further emphasized the daunting challenge victims face in seeking help, acknowledging the courage it takes to come forward. Recognizing the magnitude of this issue, the women pledged their continued support for both vocal victims and those who suffer silently.

In the spirit of ongoing empowerment and education, a complimentary firearms safety class has been scheduled for next weekend. The objective? To equip attendees with vital knowledge to ensure their protection and security.

Olivia Martinez



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