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Arkansas firefighters join Mississippi’s fight against wildfires

Jonesboro, Arkansas – A team of firefighters from Arkansas embarked on a mission to aid Mississippi in managing the increasing wildfires, fueled by persistent drought conditions. This response comes following an official announcement from Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, directing ten wildland firefighters to Mississippi to bolster its wildfire suppression measures.

Recent data from the Mississippi Forestry Commission highlighted a worrying trend. Since the start of August, the commission has tackled over 760 wildfires, resulting in a devastating 14,163 acres burnt.

Starting October 10, for a duration of two weeks, the Arkansas crew will be diligently attending to fresh fire outbreaks, focusing primarily on the southern region of the Magnolia State. To further reinforce the firefighting efforts, the Forestry Division also pledged to send five bulldozers to aid in curbing the wildfires.

Olivia Martinez



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