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Arkansas State Police advise against fleeing during holiday travel season

Jonesboro, Arkansas – As the holiday travel season picks up pace, the Arkansas State Police (ASP) is taking significant steps to ensure road safety and is strongly advising drivers to act responsibly.

The Arkansas State Police is sending out a clear message to drivers: “be smart, pull over” when they notice blue lights in their rearview mirrors. This advice comes as part of a broader effort to prevent dangerous situations on the road during one of the busiest travel times of the year.

Colonel Mike Hagar of the ASP highlighted the seriousness of fleeing from police. He described such actions as selfish and extremely hazardous, not only to the driver but also to other road users. Colonel Hagar emphasized that the safety of innocent civilians is always the top priority. “ASP Troopers will always put the safety of innocent civilians first,” Col. Hagar said. “Our Troopers will not look the other way any more than they would during an active-shooter situation. We won’t just follow someone and engage in a high-speed parade and hope that person is not going to hit an innocent bystander or innocent civilians on the road. Hope is not a strategy. Luck is not a plan.”

This stance is particularly significant considering that in Arkansas, fleeing from police is a felony offense. The ASP’s approach is rooted in a commitment to preventing unnecessary risks and ensuring that the holiday season remains safe for everyone traveling on the roads.

By urging motorists to respect the law and pull over when signaled by police, the ASP hopes to reduce the chances of high-speed chases and the potential harm they can cause. This message is part of a broader campaign to promote responsible driving and protect the public during a time of increased traffic and travel.

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