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Arkansas strengthens fight against human trafficking

Little Rock, Arkansas – The state of Arkansas is intensifying its efforts to combat human trafficking, thanks to the collaborative endeavors of the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Both these departments have come together under the mandate of Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Executive Order, echoing a united front against human trafficking.

Enhanced Victim Identification and Support

At the core of the strategy lies the emphasis on victim support. To this effect, the working group suggests implementing a specialized screening tool designed to spot victims effectively. This tool will be pivotal for first responders and frontline workers, enabling them to identify victims promptly and provide the necessary assistance. Alongside this, there’s a move to upgrade training resources and bolster data sharing among relevant agencies.

Coordinated Efforts to Counteract Trafficking

Recognizing the need for a centralized response, the group has proposed the establishment of a Human Trafficking Coordinated Response Hub. This centralized system aims to bridge the efforts between key stakeholders: law enforcement, child protection services, and advocacy groups.

To fuel these initiatives, a substantial grant of $1.5 million has been secured from the Office of Victims of Crime. This grant will further aid in setting up the Arkansas Human Trafficking Council. Managed by the Arkansas State Police, this council is poised to closely collaborate with DHS and the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office. Together, they’ll work on identifying human trafficking patterns, extending support to the victims, and ensuring culprits are brought to justice.

Arkansas Human Trafficking Summit

Adding to the momentum is the Human Trafficking Summit, spearheaded by Attorney General Tim Griffin. Slated for October 16-17 in Little Rock, this summit aims to facilitate a discourse on the multifaceted challenges of human trafficking. Griffin’s involvement underscores the global significance of the issue and further highlights the state’s dedication to ensuring a well-trained and equipped workforce to tackle it.

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