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Arts and Science Center unveils new childhood literacy initiative

Pine Bluff, Arkansas – The Arts and Science Center in Pine Bluff is set to launch a new and innovative childhood literacy program, aptly named “Come Read, Sing, Dance, and Play with Me.” This program, aimed at children aged three to six, is a welcome initiative in enhancing early literacy skills and fostering a love for reading in the community.

Encouraging Early Literacy Through Fun and Interaction

Scheduled to begin on February 3, the program offers monthly sessions every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Each month, a group of 12 to 15 children will have the opportunity to enroll, ensuring a focused and intimate learning environment. Melanie Madkin, a first-grade teacher and the mind behind the program, emphasizes its importance: “Basically, it’s a literacy program teaching kids how to love and enjoy reading.” Her motivation stems from the desire to improve literacy rates and change the narrative surrounding Pine Bluff, which has faced its share of negativity.

Madkin’s approach to literacy goes beyond just reading. She plans to use smaller groups for more intentional teaching, allowing each child to receive the attention they need. This setting not only caters to individual learning requirements but also offers children a unique social environment. “They’ll be able to be among other scholars that they’ve never met,” Madkin explains. This interaction is pivotal in developing social skills and introducing children to various learning centers.

A Holistic Approach to Learning

What sets this literacy program apart is its incorporation of the visual arts, performing arts, and sciences. The program will feature a range of activities, from exhibits and performances to classes and local partnerships. This multidisciplinary approach ensures that children receive a well-rounded educational experience, igniting their curiosity and creativity.

Parents will also find value in this program, as it provides them with a chance to observe their child’s learning style. This insight is crucial in equipping parents with the tools to support their child’s educational journey effectively.

Accessibility and Community Involvement

Recognizing the importance of accessibility, the program is free and open to the Pine Bluff community and its surrounding areas. In an effort to ensure no child is left behind, scholarships are also available, making it an inclusive opportunity for all families.

This literacy program is more than just an educational initiative; it’s a community effort to foster a love for reading and learning among young children. By integrating reading with arts, movement, and play, “Come Read, Sing, Dance, and Play with Me” is set to make a significant impact on the lives of children and families in Pine Bluff.

Olivia Martinez



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