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Authorities in Cabot searching for Walmart shoplifters

Cabot, Arkansas – Authorities in Cabot, a city in Lonoke County, Arkansas, are on an active search for two individuals involved in a recent theft. The incident occurred at a Walmart, a well-known retail giant in the area. This case has garnered attention due to the involvement of a popular retailer and the ongoing efforts of local law enforcement to apprehend the suspects.

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The Cabot Police Department is leading the investigation into this incident. They have identified two suspects believed to be responsible for the theft at Walmart. However, the identities of these individuals remain unknown, and the police are seeking help from the public.

Sgt. Michelle Hart of the Cabot Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division is the primary contact for any information related to this case. The department encourages anyone with knowledge about the shoplifters or the incident to come forward. Potential informants can reach Sgt. Hart by calling (501) 853-6166, extension 1690. Additionally, emails can be sent to [email protected] for those who prefer digital communication.

The police have emphasized the importance of community assistance in solving this case, referencing it as case number #23-01999. The Cabot Police Department hopes that with public cooperation, they will be able to quickly identify and apprehend the individuals responsible for the theft at Walmart, ensuring the safety and security of the local community.

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