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CLEST conducts critical meetings to enhance law enforcement standards in Arkansas

Arkansas – This week, the Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training (CLEST) in Arkansas took significant steps to uphold and enhance the standards of law enforcement in the state. Through public meetings held in Camden and Little Rock, the commission focused on the critical issues of recertification and decertification of law enforcement officers.

Critical Discussions and Decisions

The bi-monthly meetings serve a dual purpose. They allow officers who have been decertified to contest their decertification, and they also provide a platform for those facing potential loss of credentials to present their case. As explained by Commissioner and Arkansas State Police Major, Stacie Rhoads, an officer retains certification until the commission rules otherwise. During this week’s meetings, 17 hearings led to the decertification of 14 officers, although these individuals have the opportunity to appeal the decisions.

Upholding High Standards

CLEST Director, Chris Chapmond, emphasized the commission’s commitment to maintaining high standards in the law enforcement community of Arkansas. Despite noting that misconduct among officers is less than 1%, Chapmond stressed that serving as a law enforcement officer is a privilege, not a right. As such, those who fail to meet the required standards risk losing their position. This rigorous approach reflects the commission’s dedication to ensuring that only individuals who uphold the highest standards of conduct and professionalism remain in the force.

New Initiatives for Continuous Improvement

Director Chapmond introduced several new initiatives aimed at further improving the quality of law enforcement in Arkansas. These include the implementation of entry and exit surveys at each new law enforcement training academy. The objective of these surveys is to assess the effectiveness of the training provided and to identify areas for improvement, thereby enhancing the preparation of future officers.

Another notable initiative is the plan to invite municipal police chiefs and county sheriffs to engage with individuals in the law enforcement sector. The goal is to motivate them to continue in their profession and to assist in their career development. This effort is part of CLEST’s broader strategy to foster growth and positive change within the law enforcement community.

A Commitment to Quality and Community Impact

Appointed in January, Director Chapmond and his team are dedicated to ensuring that Arkansas produces well-trained, ethical, and community-oriented officers. The meetings and new initiatives introduced this week are crucial steps in achieving this vision. These efforts not only aim to maintain high standards within the law enforcement community but also to positively impact the communities they serve. With a focus on continuous improvement and a commitment to excellence, CLEST is setting a precedent for effective and responsible law enforcement in Arkansas.

Olivia Martinez



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