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Closer look at gas prices in Pine Bluff

Pine Bluff, Arkansas – For many individuals, the fluctuating prices of gas are more than just numbers—they represent the tangible effects of economic shifts and the constant challenge of managing daily expenses. Understanding these price dynamics can provide consumers with a more strategic approach to fueling up.

National and Local Gas Price Averages

According to recent data from the American Automobile Association (AAA), the national average price for a gallon of regular-grade gasoline stands at $3.600. Interestingly, this represents a decrease from the previous week’s price of $3.704.

Zooming into the state of AR, the local price dynamics show a similar trend. The average cost for a gallon of gas in AR was approximately $3.181 on Monday, dropping from the preceding week’s price of $3.274. Focusing on Pine Bluff the average gas price was slightly higher at $3.216.

Pine Bluff’s Gas Station Price Rundown

GasBuddy’s recent reports give a more granular look at the gas prices within Pine Bluff. The prices across various stations range from $3.13 to $3.35. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the stations:

  • Murphy USA on South Olive Street offers regular gas at $3.13 and diesel at $4.09.
  • Brookshire’s on S Camden Rd mirrors Murphy USA’s regular gas price at $3.13.
  • Shell stations on N Blake St and E Harding Ave have regular gas priced at $3.15, with the former also offering diesel at $4.19.
  • Saracen Q Store on Market St stands out with its midgrade gas priced at $3.09, contrasting with its regular gas at $3.16.
  • Fast Lane Xpress and two Exxon stations offer regular gas at $3.19, but their premium gas prices vary.

It’s essential to note that these prices can change frequently, reflecting various market dynamics. Consumers are advised to always verify the latest prices before visiting a gas station. Furthermore, the list represents a few selected stations and is not exhaustive.

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