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Drunk woman dragged 3-year-old girl to deeper end of pool and dunked her head underwater after previously confronting mother for wearing headscarf in racially motivated attack

Texas – In a deeply disturbing incident in Texas, a woman faces serious charges after allegedly attempting to drown a three-year-old girl in an apartment complex pool while hurling racist remarks at her mother. The accused, 42-year-old E. Wolf, has been charged with attempted capital murder, injury to a child, and public intoxication.

The incident took place when Wolf, reportedly under the influence of alcohol, approached the young Palestinian family enjoying a day at the pool. According to police reports, Wolf made aggressive inquiries about the mother’s origins, noticeable by her hijab and modest swimwear, before launching her attack in the shallow end of the pool where the children were playing. Wolf managed to seize the three-year-old girl and drag her to the deeper end, repeatedly submerging her head underwater. The girl’s six-year-old brother escaped Wolf’s grasp, but the younger child was not released until her mother and another bystander intervened to rescue her from the assault.

The rescued children were assessed by medics at the scene and found to be unharmed physically. However, the psychological trauma inflicted, particularly on the young girl, was profound. The girl’s mother, identified only as Mrs. H, expressed her family’s fear and trauma in a statement, noting her daughter’s ongoing fear and her own feeling of insecurity even in their adopted country. Following the incident, Wolf attempted to flee the scene but was apprehended by the police. Despite the severity of her alleged actions, she was able to post bond and was released from jail the following day. The bonds set were $25,000 for the attempted capital murder charge and $15,000 for the injury to a child charge.

During her arrest, Wolf allegedly continued to express her hostility, threatening to kill the victim’s family, which was overheard by witnesses at the scene. According to the witnesses, Wolf said “Tell her I will kill her, and I will kill her whole family.” These statements, combined with the initial assault, prompted calls for the ordeal to be investigated as a hate crime. According to a statement the family provided, the mother told authorities that Wolf also ripped her headscarf off and beat her with it. The mother also told authorities that Wolf kicked at her too as she tried to save her child.

The legal proceedings against Wolf are set to continue, with the community and advocates closely monitoring the case, demanding justice and a reevaluation of bail conditions given the severity of the charges. Furthermore, a GoFundMe campaign established to support the victim’s family has garnered significant support, reflecting a community-wide repudiation of the hate-fueled violence.

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