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Gas price trends in Pine Bluff: What you need to know

Pine Bluff, Arkansas – For the majority of people, keeping tabs on gas prices isn’t just a passing concern—it’s a regular part of managing daily life. Whether it’s to fuel up for daily commutes, weekend trips, or longer journeys, gas prices undeniably affect the average pocketbook.

Nationally, the current average price for a gallon of regular-grade gas stands at $3.704, showing a slight decrease from $3.814 just a week ago, as reported by the American Automobile Association (AAA). In comparison, Arkansas boasts prices well below the national average. On Monday, the average gallon of gas in Arkansas was priced at $3.274, a noticeable drop from the previous week’s $3.364. Focusing on Pine Bluff, the city mirrored the state’s average closely, with a price of $3.276 per gallon.

For those living in or visiting Pine Bluff, a variety of options exist when it comes to filling up the tank. Gas prices in the city span from a low of $2.9 to a high of $3.39, according to data from GasBuddy. Some of the gas stations and their respective prices include:

  • Saracen Q Store on 3513 Market St offers the most competitive price for regular gas at $2.9, with diesel priced at $4.15.
  • Shell at 3000 E Harding Ave and Exxon at 2901 W 28th Ave both price their regular gas at above $3.20 but offer a comprehensive range of fuel types.
  • Murphy USA on 5601 South Olive Street keeps its prices competitive, with diesel available at $4.16.
  • Other stations like Fast Mart on 3700 S Camden Rd and Shell on 5401 Dollarway Rd have prices hovering around the $3.30 mark for regular gas, though they don’t offer midgrade or premium options.

It’s important to note that gas prices aren’t static. They can fluctuate based on a variety of factors, including global oil prices, refining costs, and state taxes. Therefore, it’s always wise to double-check current prices before heading to a gas station.

Olivia Martinez



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