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Historic Pine Bluff Community Theater on sale

Pine Bluff, Arkansas – In Pine Bluff, a significant piece of local history is changing hands as the historic Community Theater, a landmark since the late 1800s, is now up for sale. This theater, which has been a cultural cornerstone in the community, represents more than just a building; it’s a testament to the city’s rich artistic heritage.

Will Jenkins, the current owner of the property, expressed a mix of regret and necessity in deciding to sell the theater. “I just wish we had more time to do more of the things that we’ve wanted to do with that community theater, but I think the time is right for us to just put it up for sale,” he said. Jenkins, who has owned the property since 2020, is asking for over $270,000 for the theater.

The charm and potential of the theater are not lost on Jenkins, who describes it as a “very cozy theater” that accommodates 250 people, complete with a balcony and a small stage area. “It’s a beautiful building,” Jenkins added. His hope is that the next owner will transform the theater into what it was always meant to be – a thriving center for community and the arts.

Originally known as the Breckinridge Building, the theater opened its doors in 1922. At one point, it was managed by a nonprofit organization, Old Town Theater Center Inc., which also oversaw the Saenger Theater. Kathleen Majewska and her husband, during their tenure with Old Town Theater Center Inc., played a crucial role in maintaining the theater’s legacy. Under their stewardship, the theater hosted two shows a month and underwent significant renovations.

The couple personally invested over $600,000 in refurbishments, enhancing features like the balconied stadium seating, an advanced lighting system, and versatile chandeliers. Majewska’s narrative is tinged with nostalgia as she recalls these improvements, made even more poignant following her husband’s passing.

“I hope that somebody who loves theater will buy it and can take care of it,” Majewska said, underscoring her desire to see the theater continue to be a hub for community engagement and artistic expression.

As this iconic theater awaits its new owner, there is a collective hope within the Pine Bluff community that the legacy of the theater will not only be preserved but also revitalized. The sale offers a unique opportunity for someone passionate about the arts to contribute to the town’s cultural landscape, ensuring that the historic theater remains a cherished landmark for future generations. The Community Theater, with its rich history and potential for further creative exploration, stands ready for a new chapter in its storied existence.

Ethan Sullivan



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