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Jackpocket mobile app delivers historic win for Little Rock resident

Little Rock, Arkansas – A resident of Little Rock, Arkansas, recently experienced a life-altering moment as he became the state’s latest multi-millionaire, courtesy of the Lucky for Life lottery game. Intriguingly, this significant win wasn’t just another stroke of random luck. The winner, desiring anonymity, played a set of numbers intertwined with profound personal milestones.

A Win Rooted in Personal Memories

According to the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery (ASL) officials, the numbers he selected held deep sentimental value. They represented: “his birthday (11/3), the age difference between him and his wife and the street number of two previous addresses (13), his age when he lost his father (26) and his age when his son was born (45).” The winning combination turned out to be 3, 11, 13, 26, and 45, with the Lucky Ball being 13.

Having placed his faith in these special numbers through the Jackpocket mobile app for the drawing on “Sept. 12,” his belief paid off magnificently. This win is currently in a tie, standing as the “third-largest jackpot ever won in the state on any lottery game,” as confirmed by ASL officials.

Interestingly, despite Jackpocket promptly sending him an email about his massive win, he remained oblivious until the following morning. He recollected, “I check my emails every morning at work. I play Lucky for Life all the time and was shocked when I saw that I had won the grand prize. I asked a close friend to confirm the win because I didn’t think it was real. My friend thought it was a joke, so I asked my boss to check my ticket.” It was his employer who broke the monumental news that he was now a multi-millionaire and even advised him to share the joyous news with his wife.

At 64 years old and with such a windfall, the winner has decided to retire from his job and expressed a desire for his wife to follow suit. The prize money, a staggering “$5.75 million grand prize,” will primarily be used to wrap up some ongoing projects the couple had embarked upon.

Opting for the cash option, he walked away with “$4,099,750 after taxes.” To put this win into a broader perspective, since 2009, he became the “99th person who has won a lottery prize worth $1 million or more in Arkansas.”

As a bonus, Winners Corner, the associated retailer with Jackpocket orders, will be presented with a “$50,000 commission check” for its role in the successful sale of the life-changing ticket.

For those feeling lucky and wanting to try their hand at the game, Lucky for Life draws occur daily at 9:30 p.m. A play costs just “$2 and can be purchased at all lottery retailers or on the Jackpocket app.”

For more details about the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery and its offerings, interested parties can navigate to myarkansaslottery.com.

Olivia Martinez



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