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Jacksonville police seek suspects in garage break-in

Jacksonville, Arkansas – The Jacksonville Police Department is actively investigating a break-in incident involving three suspects who targeted a residential garage.

The break-in occurred in the early hours of August 24, as captured by a surveillance video. The footage, which the police have released to aid their investigation, shows the incident happening just before 3 a.m. In the video, three individuals, all wearing hoodies, can be seen trespassing and sneaking around a garage. Their actions included opening the doors of a parked red Chevrolet Corvette and a white SUV, indicating a clear intent of theft or vandalism.

The Jacksonville authorities are urging anyone with information that could help identify the suspects to come forward. This appeal is a crucial part of their efforts to resolve the case and hold the perpetrators accountable. Detective Doughty with the Jacksonville Police Department is the primary contact for this case. Members of the public with any leads or knowledge about the identities of the suspects are requested to call (501) 982-0277 and refer to the incident as the “Breaking and Entering Video.”

This incident is a significant concern for the Jacksonville community, reflecting the ongoing challenges of property crimes. The police department is committed to ensuring the safety and security of the community and believes that public cooperation can be pivotal in solving such cases. The appeal for public assistance underscores the role community members can play in aiding law enforcement in their investigative efforts.

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