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Little Rock launches new initiative to curb crime

Little Rock, Arkansas – In an effort to tackle the rising tide of crime, Mayor Frank Scott Jr., alongside Little Rock city leaders, is spearheading a novel program named the Public Safety Commission. This initiative emerges as a testament to the city’s commitment to ensuring safety for its residents.

A Unified Approach to Public Safety

The Public Safety Commission is envisioned as a collaborative board comprising city officials and community representatives. This board’s primary aim is to devise solutions to the burgeoning issue of violent crime in the capital city. Christopher Harvey, the senior advisor to Mayor Scott, highlighted that the groundwork for this commission began shortly after the Hope Advisory Board was established, another initiative focused on reducing crime rates.

Harvey emphasized the collective vision, stating, “Everyone deserves a right to feel safe no matter where they stay in the city.” One of the primary goals of this commission is to foster open dialogue between the city’s community and its leaders. By doing so, it aims to pinpoint and address the root causes of the problems. Harvey believes that involving residents who confront these challenges daily will pave the way for more effective solutions.

A Personal Struggle Amplified

Yolanda Harrison offers a poignant perspective on the issue. After tragically losing her son to gun violence in 2018, she has passionately committed to ensuring that no other parent has to undergo such anguish. For Harrison, the escalating crime rates in Little Rock hit close to home. She recounted how the city experienced its highest homicide count last year, stating, “I had to relive my nightmare over with each homicide.” While the current year has witnessed a decline in homicide cases, Harrison believes there’s more work ahead. She remains optimistic, however, inspired by the city’s proactive measures.

Community Involvement: A Call to Action

The new commission plans to open up at least seven seats for community members, reinforcing its commitment to inclusive governance. Those interested in becoming a part of this initiative can submit their applications at the city clerk’s office. The city officials have assured that application details will be available in the upcoming months.

By launching the Public Safety Commission, Little Rock hopes to marry governance with grassroots involvement, aiming for a safer, more harmonious future.

Olivia Martinez



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