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Little Rock ramps up security for places of worship following Israel attacks

Little Rock, Arkansas – The City of Little Rock has heightened its security measures at synagogues and various places of worship in response to the alarming surprise attack on Israel by Hamas. This measure aims to safeguard religious communities from any potential threats in these trying times.

Rabbi Mark Biller of Agudath Achim in Little Rock voiced his concern over the recent onslaught on Israel. He drew a poignant image, saying, “To me, it’s like looking evil straight in the eye.” He further shed light on the distressing reality where perpetrators use children in the name of religion, a sight he finds deeply horrifying.

Although the Jewish community in the U.S is relatively small, with approximately 2,000 Jews residing in central Arkansas, their deep-rooted history of persecution remains a haunting memory. Rabbi Biller highlighted the close-knit nature of their community, stating how everyone is connected in some way to the ongoing turmoil. “Somebody knows somebody who is directly involved,” Biller noted, emphasizing that he personally knows three individuals in Little Rock with family members in Israel.

Rabbi Biller expressed gratitude for the city’s proactive steps in ensuring the safety of the Jewish community. However, he also underscored an unsettling reality: the need for security during religious events isn’t a novel concept for them. “Any time we have a major holiday, we have police at the door,” Biller pointed out, indicating that such measures aren’t commonplace for most church services.

In these testing times, Rabbi Biller emphasized the power of community and connection, suggesting that a simple check-in with Jewish acquaintances can make a world of difference. A heartfelt message or call can provide immense emotional support during such distressing times.

Mayor Frank Scott, Jr. affirmed the city’s commitment to maintaining peace and safety by deploying additional patrols around religious institutions. Expressing his solidarity, Mayor Scott said, “Little Rock stands in unity with the people of Israel.”

The city remains tight-lipped about specific security measures. Still, in a statement, they acknowledged the gravity of recent events, emphasizing their commitment to ensuring all religious establishments in Little Rock remain havens of peace and safety.

Olivia Martinez



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