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Little Rock residents urge action for cleaner neighborhoods

Little Rock, Arkansas – A pressing issue has come to the forefront in Little Rock, as residents, led by Carsha Hines, voice their concerns about significant trash accumulation in certain neighborhoods. Hines, particularly troubled by the heaps of garbage near 12th Street and Peyton Street, highlighted the urgency of the situation, emphasizing the negative impact it has on the neighborhood’s appearance and overall wellbeing.

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Hines, a resident of the area most affected by this issue, expressed her dissatisfaction with the current state of cleanliness. “It makes the neighborhood look terrible and it’s just not cool,” she remarked, calling on the city’s public works department to step up their efforts in maintaining cleanliness. This sentiment echoes a broader concern among residents about the upkeep of their community.

Taking her concerns to the Little Rock city board of directors meeting, Hines waited until the conclusion of the session to directly address her ward representative, Virgil Miller, Jr. She reported a positive interaction with Miller, indicating a constructive dialogue about the issue.

Miller acknowledged that the trash problem in the neighborhood is a recurring issue, noting that despite multiple clean-up efforts by public works crews, the area quickly becomes littered again. He proposes a more collaborative approach to tackle the issue, suggesting the involvement of community stakeholders to develop a strategic plan. Miller emphasized the importance of police awareness and resident input in these discussions, valuing the perspective and feedback from those directly impacted by these issues.

However, the concerns of Hines and her fellow residents extend beyond just trash accumulation. The Little Rock Police Department has reported a significant number of incident reports—3,800 since 2021—at the Pic Pac strip mall, indicating a broader spectrum of community challenges. Additionally, Hines pointed out the growing problem of homeless encampments within Ward 1, an issue that requires attention and action from city authorities.

With Miller at the helm of the Ward 1 city board of directors since his election in 2021, there is hope for a resolution. Miller expressed his commitment to addressing these concerns promptly, indicating a readiness to take action and improve the conditions of the neighborhood. Hines and other residents are looking to Miller to uphold his promise and bring about positive change in their community. This situation in Little Rock highlights the importance of community engagement and responsive leadership in addressing urban challenges and improving the quality of life for all residents.

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