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Melon Severe Mosaic Virus detected in Arkansas

Arkansas – Arkansas has recently encountered its first instances of a plant virus that poses a threat to melon and squash plants, raising concerns among local growers.

Identifying and Responding to the Virus

The University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture’s Disease Lab confirmed the presence of the Melon Severe Mosaic Virus in straight-neck yellow squash and cucumber across two counties. This development is particularly significant for those growing any melon or squash varieties, as they need to be vigilant for signs of the virus.

Lawrence County Extension Office Agriculture Agent Bryce Baldridge detailed the symptoms of the virus, which include leaf distortion, crinkling, and sometimes fruit splitting. Baldridge emphasized the severity of the situation by explaining that this tospovirus cannot be cured once it infects the plants.

To manage this situation effectively, Baldridge advises growers to remove any diseased plants immediately. They should then take these plants to their local extension office for a confirmed diagnosis by sending them to the lab. This step is crucial for managing the spread and impact of the virus.

Further Research and Guidance

The Division of Agriculture noted that this is a new discovery in the region and that further research will be conducted in the coming months. Despite the potential impact of this virus, they have urged the public not to panic. For additional information and guidance, individuals are encouraged to reach out to their county’s extension agent. This proactive approach will be essential in controlling the spread of the Melon Severe Mosaic Virus and safeguarding the local agriculture sector.

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