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Mother who strangled her 3-and-9-year-old sons before cutting their throats in a field nearby their home, will spend the rest of her life behind bars

Alabama – An Alabama woman, 37-year-old S. Franco, has been sentenced to spend the remainder of her life in prison after the murders of her two young sons. Judge M. Williams handed down two concurrent life sentences to Franco after she pleaded guilty to two counts of capital murder related to the deaths of her children, 3-year-old Alvaro and 9-year-old Taylor.

The investigation began on October 12, 2019, when deputies responded to a distressing call at Franco’s residence. The first responders were met with a scene that Sheriff M. Gentry described as something one cannot prepare for. According to Sheriff Gentry, upon their arrival, a K-9 unit led officers across an adjoining open field, where they found Franco with multiple self-inflicted wounds and a knife nearby. Franco was immediately airlifted to a hospital and placed in intensive care due to the severity of her injuries. During her hospitalization, she was under constant surveillance by deputies.

The details that emerged from the investigation painted a picture of the events leading to the tragic deaths of the young boys. Authorities disclosed that Franco had strangled her sons before fatally cutting their throats. This act of violence not only ended two innocent lives but also left a community and its law enforcement grappling with the shock and sorrow of the ordeal. Following her recovery, Franco was transferred to a state mental health facility, where she stayed until July 2021, reflecting the ongoing concerns about her mental state and the legal complexities surrounding her case.

In early 2020, a grand jury indicted Franco, leading to her guilty plea in 2023. The swift judicial proceedings culminated in her receiving two life sentences, which will run concurrently. This decision was influenced by the additional charge of capital murder of two or more persons being dropped during the proceedings. DA C. Crocker, reflecting on the sentence, expressed a sentiment felt by many: that no punishment could truly compensate for the actions of Franco.

Apart from the life sentences, Franco was also ordered to pay significant financial penalties. These included $20,000 to the Crime Victim’s Compensation Assessment, roughly $10,584 in restitution, and $10,000 in court costs. These fines represent a small part of the ongoing impact of this case on the community and the judicial system.

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