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Mountain lion sighting reported in Arkansas

Amity, Arkansas – A mountain lion was spotted this week in the small town of Amity, Arkansas, located in Clark County. The Arkansas Game & Fish Commission (AGFC) confirmed the sighting on Thursday, drawing attention to the rarity of such events in the state.

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The initial report of the mountain lion came from a hunter who captured the animal on a game camera. This led to an investigation by biologists from the AGFC, who were able to verify the credibility of the sighting. The confirmation of the presence of a mountain lion in Amity marks a notable event, considering the history of these animals in Arkansas.

According to the AGFC, mountain lions were once a common sight throughout Arkansas, with their presence being widespread until around 1920. However, over the years, their numbers have significantly decreased, making such sightings rare and noteworthy. Despite this decline, there have been several reports of mountain lion sightings in Arkansas over the years, totaling 23 confirmed sightings since 2010. This indicates that these majestic animals, although not as prevalent as they once were, still roam parts of the Natural State.

Mountain lions are known for their solitary, shy, and reclusive nature. The AGFC emphasizes that these animals typically avoid human contact and are unlikely to pose a threat to people. They are known to be elusive and prefer to steer clear of human interaction.

The origin and travel history of the mountain lion spotted in Amity remains unknown. There is currently no information regarding where the animal might have come from or how long it has been in Arkansas. This sighting has sparked interest and caution among residents and wildlife enthusiasts alike, as it highlights the occasional presence of these large predators in areas where they are rarely seen.

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