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Northwest Arkansas drug trafficking ring dismantled, members sentenced

Arkansas – The 4th Judicial District Drug Task Force conducted a significant operation last week that resulted in the conviction of the last member of a drug trafficking organization operating in Northwest Arkansas. This marked the conclusion of a thorough investigation that sought to destroy a network that was distributing methamphetamine throughout the area.

Investigation and Sentencing

The investigation, which began in October 2022, centered on a group operating out of the Fayetteville Division, known for its significant involvement in the methamphetamine trade in the Western District of Arkansas. The operation successfully identified five key individuals contributing to the widespread distribution of this controlled substance.

The United States District Court in Fayetteville, under the supervision of the Honorable Judge Timothy L. Brooks, held the sentencing hearings, concluding the legal proceedings against this notorious drug ring. The outcomes of these hearings reflect the serious nature of the offenses and the justice system’s commitment to curbing drug trafficking activities.

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Sentencing Details

The sentences handed down to the members of this organization were as follows:

  • Joe Chantharath, 42, from Springdale, Arkansas, received a sentence of 135 months in prison for the distribution of a mixture or substance containing a detectable amount of methamphetamine. Additionally, he was sentenced to a 24-month term to run consecutively with his existing sentence due to a revoked federal supervised release.
  • Anthony Chantharath, 35, also from Springdale, was sentenced to 137 months of imprisonment for possession of a similar mixture with the intent to distribute, along with a 3-year term of supervised release.
  • Kevin Michael Burke, 37, from Bryant, Arkansas, faced the harshest penalty with a 235-month imprisonment term for his role in distributing methamphetamine, coupled with a subsequent 3-year supervised release.
  • Ryan Seth Bruce, 35, from Clinton, Arkansas, was sentenced to 72 months in prison followed by three years of supervised release for distribution charges.
  • Destiny DeAnne Satterfield, 25, from Springdale, received a 77-month prison sentence for possession with intent to distribute, alongside a 3-year supervised release term.

Law Enforcement and Legal Proceedings

This operation showcases the diligent efforts of the 4th Judicial District Drug Task Force in combating drug-related crimes and highlights the ongoing challenges law enforcement faces in tackling drug distribution networks. U.S. Attorney David Clay Fowlkes of the Western District of Arkansas publicly commended the work of the investigative team and the judicial system in addressing this significant threat to public safety.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Eaton led the prosecution.

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