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Pine Bluff demonstrates the power of community with food bank effort and holiday fun

Pine Bluff, Arkansas – Pine Bluff demonstrated a heartwarming display of community spirit and generosity this Saturday, with two significant events that brought joy and support to its residents. Giving was a theme of the day, whether it was providing food to those in need or setting aside time to engage and entertain the younger generation.

A Helping Hand at the Food Giveaway

The day began with the Delta Network Food Bank hosting its 17th annual food giveaway at the Pine Bluff Convention Center. This event saw a significant contribution from Tyson Foods, which generously donated a truckload of chicken to be given away, along with sacks of groceries filled with various essentials. This act of kindness was a significant boon for the community, ensuring that many families would have access to much-needed food supplies.

Jacqueline Ross, the director of the food bank, highlighted the overwhelming support from the community, noting that 43 volunteers actively participated in delivering goods. Impressively, many of these volunteers reached out to offer their help before being contacted. The volunteers represented a cross-section of the community, coming from the Pine Bluff fire and police departments, the Arkansas Buffalo Soldiers Post of Maumelle, Arkansas County Layman’s Group, Covenant Recovery, and various local churches.

The impact of the giveaway was evident in the long line of recipients that extended back into Ohio Street at one point. To manage the flow of traffic, only one lane eastbound on Eighth Avenue remained open during the giveaway.

Christmas Extravaganza Brings Joy to Children

Just a short distance from the Convention Center, the Carl A. Redus Jr. Aquatics Center was abuzz with festive activities as part of the Christmas Extravaganza. This event catered especially to the children, infusing the holiday spirit into the community. Santa Claus himself was present, greeting both young and old, contributing to the festive atmosphere.

The event was not just about meeting Santa; it included various activities that kept the children engaged and entertained. The pool area was turned into a playground with games, the concession stand was open for treats, and Melanie Madkin led an enchanting storytime session. In addition, the children had the opportunity to express their creativity through coloring activities. To add to the festive mood, local musician James Brown played tunes on a hand pan, filling the air with melodious sounds.

Both these events underscore the strong sense of community in Pine Bluff. The food giveaway and the Christmas Extravaganza highlight the town’s commitment to supporting its residents and spreading joy, especially during the holiday season. These initiatives, driven by the spirit of giving and volunteerism, serve as a testament to the caring and united nature of the Pine Bluff community.

Olivia Martinez



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