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Pine Bluff locals claim a hog named ‘Piggy Pig’ is causing damage to neighborhood property

Little Rock, Arkansas – Residents of a Pine Bluff community have complained that a hog is ruining their property and that they want the city to relocate it.

“We don’t know where he came from,” Stephen Lawson said. “We know they caught one about 400 pounds about a mile from here. I guess they got loose from some farm around here. I don’t know.”

Neighbors in the area expressed a desire for the hog to ‘leave and go somewhere else.’

According to one neighbor, the hog tried to dig up the family’s dog, which was buried in the backyard, and wrecked one of her patio chairs.

Another neighbor expressed his dissatisfaction with the hog’s damage to and along his fence.

“I have to work 8 hours and then come home and see what a hog did to my property,” the neighbor said.

The hog had been in the area for four months, according to Lawson, and he and other neighbors had contacted Pine Bluff Animal Control with little success in getting someone to take care of the problem.

“Finally we called the mayor’s office last week and they showed up this morning to put a trap over in a vacant lot over here,” Lawson said. “They said if they can’t catch him in the trap, they’re going to tranquilize him.”

Pine Bluff Animal Control stated that after the hog is apprehended, it would be given to the agriculture department at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

Lawson stated that he has grown to adore the pig and plans to see ‘Piggy Pig’ once he has been transported to the school.

“I’d like to go see Piggy, I’ll take him a loaf of bread every now and then,” Lawson said.


Ethan Sullivan



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