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Prosecutors gain access to key evidence in capital murder trial

Bentonville, Arkansas – In a significant move, Benton County Circuit Court Judge Brad Karren has granted prosecutors access to Shawna Cash’s Medicaid records. This decision, made on Tuesday, Nov. 21, is a crucial development in the ongoing capital murder trial of Cash, who is accused of the death of a Northwest Arkansas police officer.

Shawna Cash, from Pine Bluff, has pleaded not guilty to capital murder and additional charges related to the death of Pea Ridge Officer Kevin Apple in June 2021. The tragic incident occurred when Cash, reportedly driving a vehicle, struck and dragged Officer Apple as he approached her vehicle in a convenience store parking lot.

Following the incident, an affidavit revealed that during police questioning, Cash denied responsibility for the fatal crash. She claimed she was merely following instructions and mentioned a tendency to “blackout” during stressful situations. Cash also admitted to smoking marijuana on the morning of the incident but denied using other substances.

The Benton County prosecutor is pursuing Cash’s medical records to gather information about her mental health and history of substance abuse. This move is part of the prosecution’s strategy to build a comprehensive case, especially since Cash did not consent to the release of her medical records.

In a notable development, prosecutors have indicated they are seeking the death penalty in this case. This decision underscores the severity of the charges against Cash and the intense nature of the legal proceedings. The trial’s outcome will depend significantly on the insights gained from Cash’s medical records and the prosecution’s ability to use this information in their case against her. This high-profile case continues to draw attention, not only for its tragic circumstances but also for the legal precedents it may set regarding the accessibility of medical records in criminal trials.

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