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Rock Town Distillery faces thousands of dollars in damages after crash

Little Rock, Arkansas – An unusual and chaotic incident occurred at Rock Town Distillery in Little Rock when a van careened into the distillery’s fence, causing extensive damage and a surreal scene. The crash, which took place around 10 a.m. on Thursday, left behind a significant amount of damage, yet, surprisingly, no charges have been filed yet.

Phil Brandon, the founder of Rock Town Distillery, described the startling event: “This morning, a white van comes speeding around the corner and just slams into our fence.” The incident was captured on the distillery’s surveillance cameras, showing the van plowing into the front fence. At the time, the staff was busy preparing for a holiday event scheduled for that evening.

Following the impact, the van became stuck atop the fence. According to Brandon, the driver then spun the wheels incessantly, causing a great deal of smoke. “It was unbelievable, you would think it was an explosion,” he remarked. Stephanie Anderson, a worker at the distillery, added that the smoke stretched from the fence all the way to the front door.

Anderson and a co-worker initially rushed outside to assist the driver but were forced to retreat and evacuate the building when they saw the amount of smoke. By the time the smoke cleared, the driver had vanished from the scene. “You could smell the burnt asphalt, the burnt rubber,” Anderson recalled, describing the aftermath as surreal and frightening.

The cost of the damages is significant, with Brandon estimating several thousand dollars needed to replace the fence alone. The incident left the sidewalk covered in oil, benches destroyed, and remnants of rubber on the concrete.

Despite the severity of the crash, no injuries were reported, which is a fortunate outcome given the potential for harm. The abandoned van was later found a couple of blocks away from the scene. As of now, the police have not identified any persons of interest in relation to the incident. This bizarre event has left the staff of Rock Town Distillery and the local community in disbelief, wondering how such an incident could have unfolded.

Nathan Kim



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