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Tactical vehicle intervention leads to driver’s death in Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas – A fleeing suspect met a tragic end due to the deployment of a tactical vehicle intervention (TVI) maneuver by the Arkansas State Police. The incident, which transpired on Sunday night, raises questions about the use and potential dangers of such maneuvers.

The chase began when a trooper observed a 2006 BMW driving at excessive speeds on westbound I-30. After initial attempts to halt the speeding vehicle, the driver left the interstate at Geyer Springs Road. Ignoring road safety, the driver sped through two red lights before re-entering I-30 and shifting direction eastward.

As the pursuit intensified, the suspect’s vehicle was clocked at speeds surpassing 120 mph, perilously coming close to colliding with another motorist. To prevent potential harm to innocent motorists, a TVI maneuver was employed by the trooper, which unfortunately resulted in the suspect’s demise.

The crash occurred near the Stanton Road overpass on the eastbound side of I-30 around 9:20 p.m. Upon closer inspection, authorities discerned that the BMW had counterfeit tags.

While the suspect’s identity remains undisclosed, the aftermath of the incident revealed a concerning detail. An FN Five-seveN semi-automatic pistol was discovered in the wrecked vehicle, underscoring the potential threat the individual posed.

In response to the event, ASP Colonel Mike Hagar commented, “Fleeing from law enforcement is reckless and has serious consequences.” He expressed remorse over the loss of life but emphasized the priority of ASP Troopers: safeguarding the lives of innocent motorists.

The exact circumstances surrounding the chase, the decision to employ the TVI maneuver, and the consequent crash are currently being scrutinized by the ASP Criminal Investigation Division. As the probe continues, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the inherent dangers faced by both law enforcement officers and the public during high-speed chases.

Olivia Martinez



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