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Thanksgiving Eve fire displaces Maumelle apartment residents

Maumelle, Arkansas – A fire outbreak at Millwood’s Landing Apartments in Maumelle has led to several tenants being displaced from their homes, marking the second such incident at the complex in six months.

On the eve of Thanksgiving, a distressing fire incident occurred at the Millwood’s Landing Apartments on Millwood Circle in Maumelle. The Maumelle Fire Department, aided by the North Little Rock Fire Department and Oak Grove Fire Department, responded promptly to the emergency after a smoke alarm was triggered at 10:39 a.m. on Wednesday.

The fire caused significant damage to the apartment complex, affecting multiple units. Two of the units suffered direct fire damage, while another two incurred water damage. In total, more than seven people were forced to leave their homes as over four units became uninhabitable due to the damage.

Fortunately, there were no injuries reported among the residents. In a heartwarming turn amidst the chaos, firefighters successfully rescued a dog from the blaze. The dog was immediately checked by first responders, ensuring its well-being.

This recent fire is notably the second incident at the same apartment complex within a span of six months. In the previous event in June, a heavy fire caused “significant damage” to one of the buildings, leading to the rescue of multiple animals by firefighters.

These recurring fire incidents have raised concerns about safety at the Millwood’s Landing Apartments, displacing residents and disrupting lives. As the community deals with the aftermath of this latest fire, the focus will likely shift to addressing safety measures to prevent future occurrences, especially with the distressing timing of this incident occurring right before a major holiday.

Olivia Martinez



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