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Two lucky Arkansas residents hit big lottery prizes

Arkansas – The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery has once again brought joy and excitement to its players, with two residents claiming substantial prizes. On May 20, the Arkansas Lottery Claim Center witnessed the thrill of victory for two lucky players from different parts of the state.

Instant Success and Long-Term Dreams

Jimmy Welch from Hot Springs turned a regular visit to his local store into a life-changing event by winning $200,000 from the $10 Casino Nights instant game. Jimmy bought his winning ticket at Lake Hamilton Superstore, located on 2070 Airport Road in Hot Springs. Known for his penchant for the newest games, the recently launched Casino Nights caught his attention. However, it was not until later that night that he discovered his fortune.

“I kept saying I was going to hit one, but I didn’t think I’d hit that big,” Jimmy confessed after scratching off the winning ticket. Overwhelmed by the magnitude of his win, he has so far only shared the news with his family. Looking ahead, Jimmy plans to use his windfall prudently by saving and helping others. Despite the windfall, he remains committed to playing the lottery, particularly inspired by the opportunity to fund scholarships for students in Arkansas.

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From Routine Purchase to Jackpot Winner

In another part of the state, John Williams from White Hall claimed a $110,000 jackpot from the May 10 Natural State Jackpot drawing. The winning Quick Pick ticket was purchased at J & B Gas and Grill on Highway 365 S. in Jefferson. His routine of buying draw game tickets every Sunday and checking the previous week’s tickets finally paid off in a big way. This time, letting the computer choose his numbers, John hit the jackpot along with smaller wins of $1 and $40 on other tickets.

“‘Well, I’ll be danged,’ I thought,” John recalled the moment he realized his luck had turned. Initially, he believed he had won only a few hundred dollars and confirmed the prize amount with a relative. Excited to surprise his wife, Tammy, John kept the win a secret until they visited the claim center together. “I thought he was joking!” Tammy said, reflecting on her initial disbelief.

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The couple has decided to invest wisely, planning to purchase a certificate of deposit and depositing the remainder in the bank. Following John’s win, the Natural State Jackpot was reset to $50,000 and has since risen to $100,000 for the next drawing.

These wins not only change lives but also contribute to the state’s educational initiatives, illustrating the broader impact of the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery. For more information about lottery games and how they support educational funding, interested individuals are encouraged to visit MyArkansasLottery.com.

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