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12-year-old injured in accidental shooting by younger sibling, Jefferson County deputies say

Jefferson County, Arkansas – Jefferson County deputies reported a 12-year-old child is in the process of recovering after sustaining a gunshot wound inflicted by his younger brother.

On Thursday, shortly after 3 p.m., the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office received a distress call regarding an incident at a residence situated in the 3500 block of Jewell Road.

Upon arriving at the scene, deputies were informed that the 12-year-old had been struck by a single bullet discharged from a pistol. Initially, the child was transported to Jefferson Regional Medical Center and later airlifted to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock to receive necessary medical treatment.

Authorities have confirmed that the boy’s condition is stable. A spokesperson from the sheriff’s office reported on midday Friday that the injury was confined to the arm, and the child had been discharged from the hospital, with expectations of a full recovery.

During the course of the investigation into the incident, deputies analyzed statements provided by both the 12-year-old and his 9-year-old brother. Additionally, surveillance video evidence was reviewed. Based on these findings, authorities believe the shooting to have been unintentional.

Sheriff Lafayette Woods Jr. of Jefferson County emphasized the importance of securely storing firearms to prevent unsupervised access by children. He underscored that this incident should serve as a reminder of the criticality of ensuring gun safety within the home.

Woods expressed appreciation for the swift response from all first responders involved and conveyed his hopes for the injured child’s speedy and complete recovery.

The Criminal Investigation Division of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the incident, with assistance from officers of the White Hall Police Department and the Arkansas State Police.

Ava Thompson



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