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Arkansans’ reactions to the Hogs’ victory, which sent them to the Sweet 16

Little Rock, Arkansas – After the Hogs won against the Kansas Jayhawks, the crowd erupted in cheers. Kansas was the defending national champion.

Fans from Kansas and Arkansas entered Brewski’s with only one thing on their minds: advancing to the sweet sixteen of the tournament. It was a nail-biting situation.

The game started with Kansas taking the lead going into the halftime break.

“Mainly keep the pressure on …. keep doing what y’all have been doing,” Kansas fan Kolin Myers said.

After a short while, the Hogs began to gain momentum, which ultimately led to them tying the game.

“I did not see this coming, I didn’t think we could do this because we cannot make shots from the outside, so seeing our guys it’s been an all-just game, seeing Devo give 100% …. it’s amazing,” Hog fan Deidrick Bennett said.

“Arkansas has definitely stepped up, they have rebounded the ball much better, play a lot more competitive, the Hawks just have to dig in and they have just got to get things going on offense and get control of the game, we will be okay,” Kansas fan Jeff Olson said.

People watched the game with bated breath as the Hogs and Jayhawks battled back and forth until the Hogs eventually emerged victorious.

“It’s upsetting we should’ve won the game, but Kansas didn’t execute,” Myers said.

“When Devonte got eliminated fouling out, I thought we were done, but the fact that we just beat the defending champions from last year gives me a lot of hope, it gives me a lot of hope that we can go all the way this year,” Hog fan Nick Yarbrough said.


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