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Homicide investigation underway as Little Rock teen succumbs to injuries

Little Rock, Arkansas – The city of Little Rock is grappling with a surge in violence after a shooting incident on Friday night resulted in multiple casualties, including children, and has tragically escalated into a homicide investigation. Little Rock Police Department confirmed the death of 15-year-old Semaj O’Neal, who succumbed to his injuries on Wednesday following the shooting that took place just before the weekend.

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The initial response by Little Rock Police Department (LRPD) officers to reports of gunfire led them to the 7600 block of Baseline Road near Chicot Road. There, they encountered a chaotic scene with three vehicles involved in a collision. Amidst the wreckage, officers discovered young Semaj O’Neal with a life-threatening gunshot wound to his head in one of the vehicles. Despite being rushed to the hospital and receiving immediate medical attention, O’Neal could not overcome his injuries and passed away after a five-day fight for his life.

The violence did not spare the younger members of the community. A nine-year-old child was also found at the crime scene, suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg. The child was promptly taken to a hospital and is reportedly receiving necessary medical care.

Adding to the toll, two teenagers, aged 17 and 19, arrived at a hospital for treatment for gunshot wounds believed to be connected to the same incident. They have since been treated and released. A fifth individual was reported to be injured during the incident, although not by gunfire.

Detectives are delving into the circumstances of the shooting, including trying to establish whether the shooting took place at the crash site or elsewhere. However, details regarding potential suspects or motives behind this heinous crime have not yet been disclosed by the authorities.

This case marks Little Rock’s 50th homicide for the year 2023, a somber statistic that stands against the backdrop of 71 cases that the city faced by the same time last year. The LRPD’s Southwest Division detectives are diligently working on the investigation, aiming to bring justice to the victims and their families and to halt the cycle of violence that has shaken their community.

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