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Little Rock Compassion Center seek community help as it prepares for Thanksgiving

Little Rock, Arkansas – The Little Rock Compassion Center, a beacon of hope for many, plays a crucial role during Thanksgiving, especially for those grappling with homelessness and poverty. As families across the nation gather to celebrate with bountiful feasts, the Compassion Center ensures that the less fortunate also have a chance to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving Preparation at the Compassion Center

Monday marked the beginning of an important week at the Compassion Center, as staff and volunteers started preparing turkeys for the Thanksgiving meals. This preparation is a massive undertaking, considering the volume of meals served. Pastor William Holloway, CEO of the Compassion Center, highlights the indispensable role of volunteers: “If it wasn’t for volunteers, we wouldn’t have enough workers because we don’t have enough money to hire a lot of employees.”

This year, the Center has seen new partnerships, such as with Caddy Academy Inc., an organization that teaches golf to children from challenging backgrounds. James Williams, the executive director of Caddy Academy Inc., emphasized the importance of teaching children the value of giving back, especially during this time of the year.

Rising Challenges and Community Support

Despite its unwavering commitment, the Compassion Center is facing increased challenges in providing its annual Thanksgiving meals. According to Holloway, there has been a significant rise in food prices—about 20 to 25 percent. This increase has strained the Center’s resources, and they are still short on supplies for the entire weekend.

The Center is expected to serve between 800 and 1,000 meals on Thanksgiving Day alone, with similar numbers throughout the weekend. Agnes May, a resident at the Compassion Center, expressed gratitude for the safe space and community support provided by the Center.

Yet, the challenge is not just about turkeys. Vegetables and other food items are also in demand. Many families visiting the Center are forced to make tough choices between paying rent, buying food, or purchasing medicine.

The staff, notably Pastor and Rosemary, are highly appreciated by those they serve. Their tireless dedication and the spirit of the community that supports the Compassion Center are vital in these efforts. Williams also echoed the sentiment that more help is needed.

Call for Donations and Volunteers

To meet the demand for the weekend, the Compassion Center needs about 100 more turkeys. Additionally, with the temperatures dropping, there is a need for warm clothing donations for those they serve. Monetary donations are also welcome, providing crucial support in these times of need.

This Thanksgiving, the Compassion Center stands as a testament to the power of community and compassion, offering a glimmer of hope and a warm meal to those in need. Its doors remain open, thanks to the generosity and support of volunteers and donors who embody the true spirit of Thanksgiving.

Nathan Kim



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