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Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Junior sworn in for a second term

Little Rock, Arkansas – Frank Scott Junior was sworn in for a second term as Little Rock’s mayor during a ceremony at the Robinson Center.

These are the Ward Directors who were sworn in.

Ward 1 – Virgil Miller Junior
Ward 2 – Ken Richardson
Ward 3 – Kathy Webb
Ward 5 – Lance Hines
Ward 6 – Andrea Lewis
Ward 7 – B.J. Brenda Wyrick

Religious leaders of many religions were there and offered their good wishes for the new year to all of the elected officials as well as the city of Little Rock.

As Mayor Frank Scott, Junior mounted the stage to pledge to perform his duties once more, the audience erupted in support.

“Working every single day to make Little Rock the best place in the world to live, or to play” Mayor Scott said.

He praised the enormous amount of support that came out in November and expressed his gratitude for being re-elected.

“It truly is a demonstration of the progress over the past four years. Understand that while this is progress – we have to continue to be purposeful in progression as we move forward to grow our city forward together and truly focus on unity, growth, and transformation” he said.

One particular issue stands out for Mayor Scott among the many that municipal authorities are attempting to change.

“My number one priority is always crime prevention. We do recognize that there are some residents that don’t feel safe – the stats show that we now ended 2022 with a negative nine percent in violent crime, so it’s been driven down” he said.

With the appointment of Heath Helton as Little Rock Police Chief, Mayor Scott now has a new partner with whom to fight this battle.

“We recently hired a new chief of police – Heath Helton. He’s focused on data-driven community approaches, 21st-century community policing, and we expect to see violent crime to continue to be driven down as it was in 2022” Scott said.

Officials from the City of Little Rock are excited about the brand-new year. full of potential for development and advancement for both the city and its citizens.

“To all the residents, if you voted for me or not, I work for you. I’m grateful for each one of you, and we look forward to uniting, growing, and transforming our city together, in a second term, and in the New Year. Thank you, and God Bless” Mayor Scott said.


Ava Thompson



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