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Little Rock resident strikes big with lottery win

Little Rock, Arkansas – A Little Rock woman, Lula B., found herself $200,000 wealthier after winning the top prize from a $10 Arkansas Diamonds instant game. This win, coming right before the holidays, turned an ordinary day into an unforgettable moment for Lula.

Lula’s journey to fortune began with a simple purchase at a Shell gas station located at 3200 S. University in Little Rock. A self-proclaimed fan of instant games, Lula regularly indulges in these quick-play lottery games, attracted by their frequent payouts. It was during one of her routine visits that she bought the Arkansas Diamonds instant ticket that would change her life.

After purchasing the ticket, Lula went home to scratch it, a ritual familiar to many lottery enthusiasts. To her utter astonishment, the ticket revealed the $200,000 icon, a moment that left her in shock. In disbelief, she immediately returned to the gas station to have the clerk verify her win.

“I just can’t believe it happened,” Lula expressed, still reeling from the surprise of her win.

With the hefty sum now in her possession, Lula has practical plans for her winnings. She intends to use the money to pay off various bills, a decision that reflects her grounded approach despite the unexpected windfall. But Lula’s lottery journey doesn’t end here. Buoyed by her win, she plans to continue trying her luck in various lottery games, including the Natural State Jackpot, LOTTO, more instant games, and even the Powerball.

Nathan Kim



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