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Little Rock School District Stocks the Rock the Wright Way

Little Rock, Arkansas – Families from the Little Rock School District participated in a food drive on Wednesday by delivering donations to the “Wright Way.”

All of this is a part of the “Fill the Rock the Wright Way” campaign, which calls on the school system to stock school pantries for needy families.

To assist with pandemic-related learning loss, LRSD provides a reading curriculum.
During lunchtime, Washington Elementary had a drive-thru set up where people could drop off anything from shampoo to breakfast cereal.

The timing of this campaign, according to LRSD Administrator Dr. Jermall Wright, is crucial because the school will soon be out and some students won’t have access to the meals they depend on.

“We know many of our students and families depend upon us for meals, for breakfast and lunch, every day,” Wright said. “Since we’ll be out for an entire week, we thought we would do this the week before spring break.”

For a cardiac-safe school, the Little Rock School District launches the “Project Adam” drill. Donations will be distributed throughout the district’s schools and distributed to kids before the forthcoming spring break.

Ava Thompson



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