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Persistent copper thefts disrupt internet service in Pine Bluff

Pine Bluff, Arkansas – For months, Reverend Jesse Turner of Pine Bluff has faced an unexpected and increasingly frustrating challenge. All he wants is a steady internet connection to write and print his Sunday sermons, but recurrent copper thefts outside his home have made this simple task daunting.

“It’s frustrating,” expressed Turner. “It’s putting people’s livelihoods at risk… When I get ready to do my print, no internet.”

The issue came into the limelight in May, revealing the extent of Turner’s internet troubles. While one might initially suspect the internet service provider or a technical glitch, the underlying reason is more insidious. An unidentified perpetrator repeatedly cuts and steals the copper from the lines near Turner’s residence, leading to constant service interruptions. On two different visits to Turner’s home, AT&T repair crews were spotted addressing the damages on Ohio Street. “Every time they turn around, they have to come here and redo it,” lamented Turner. “They feel frustrated, too.”

The Pine Bluff Police Department confirmed that they’re aware of these ongoing thefts. They’ve made arrests in the past, and the investigation is still active. Yet, Turner believes that stronger actions are required. He stated, “You catch somebody, you make an example of them… Let us see who that perpetrator is. Let us see who the guy is doing this, the gal, or whoever it can be, and not hide it.”

The reverend emphasized the broader community’s role in curbing such crimes. Turner urged, “We just need something done about it, and something could be done about it if people would just take it seriously. Take note that other folks are suffering because of this.”

In response to the May thefts, AT&T had set forth a $5,000 reward. It remains to be seen if they’ll renew this offer following the recent string of thefts, as we await further updates from the company.

Ethan Sullivan



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