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Pine Bluff Police Department participates in national campaign targeting speeding drivers

Pine Bluff, Arkansas – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is committed to ensuring road safety by highlighting the dangers of speeding and encouraging drivers to obey speed limits. Through July 31, 2024, the Pine Bluff Police Department (PBPD) will participate in the Speeding Slows You Down high-visibility enforcement campaign. During this period, drivers caught speeding will receive tickets for violating the law.

Sobering Statistics on Speeding-Related Fatalities

In 2022, there were 12,151 fatalities in speeding-related crashes, which accounted for 29% of all traffic fatalities. This marked a 2.8% decrease from the 12,498 fatalities in 2021. Young drivers and motorcyclists are particularly prone to speeding, making them the largest demographic involved in such crashes. In 2022, 35% of male drivers and 19% of female drivers aged 15 to 20 who were involved in fatal traffic crashes were speeding. Additionally, 35% of all motorcyclists involved in fatal crashes in 2022 were speeding, with riders aged 21 to 24 having the highest speeding involvement at 51%.

Speed Limits Are the Law

“Speed limit signs are not suggestions, they are the law,” stated Lieutenant DeShawn Bennett, Public Information Officer for PBPD. “They are posted for the safety of the driver and others in that particular area. Unfortunately, we see people speeding every day, especially young men. If you’re killed in a crash, or if you kill someone else, that’s it – there’s no second chance. Speeding just isn’t worth the risk,” emphasized Lieutenant Bennett.

The Deadly Consequences of Speeding

Much like impaired driving, speeding is a reckless choice with deadly consequences for the driver, passengers, and other road users. Speeding diminishes a driver’s ability to safely navigate around other vehicles, hazardous objects, or unexpected curves. Even the safest cars equipped with the latest technologies have limitations in preventing crashes due to high speeds.

Local Roads: A Hotspot for Speeding-Related Crashes

Contrary to popular belief, local roads are more dangerous for speeders than highways. NHTSA reports that in 2022, 87% of all U.S. speeding-related traffic fatalities occurred on roads other than interstates. “Local roads are where most of our speeding-related crashes occur,” noted Lieutenant Bennett.

Targeted Areas for Speeding Enforcement

Drivers should be particularly mindful of their speed in areas such as Dollarway Road, Blake Street, Camden Road, Hazel Street, University Drive, East Harding Avenue, and Olive Street. “We will be concentrating our efforts in these areas,” Lieutenant Bennett stated.

A Call to Action: Slow Down and Save Lives

“We are asking our community to please slow down,” urged Lieutenant Bennett. “Our goal is to save lives, and we are putting all drivers on alert — the posted speed limit is the law. No excuses.”

Join the Effort to Promote Road Safety

The Pine Bluff Police Department’s participation in the Speeding Slows You Down campaign underscores the importance of adhering to speed limits for the safety of all road users. By raising awareness and enforcing speed limits, PBPD aims to reduce the number of speeding-related crashes and save lives. Drivers are encouraged to stay informed and cautious, particularly during the campaign period, to contribute to a safer driving environment in Pine Bluff.

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