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Police release victim’s identity in fatal Little Rock crash

Little Rock, Arkansas – The victim of a fatal Little Rock crash that occurred in on Tuesday evening has been identified by the Little Rock Police Department (LRPD).

The authorities have named 25-year-old Quintarious Jones as the operator of the ATV. Upon their arrival at the accident site, officers reported finding Jones in an unresponsive state.

The driver of the sport utility vehicle (SUV) involved in the collision was escorted to the 12th Street Station, where a urine sample was procured for further investigation.

The collision transpired at the juncture of the Interstate 30 Frontage Road and Roosevelt Road, shortly after 4 p.m. A witness described the ATV, which had four wheels, as travelling east on Roosevelt Road when it came into contact with the SUV at a traffic signal.

Currently, no charges have been brought forth as authorities are awaiting the conclusion of a thorough examination of the incident.

Olivia Martinez



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