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Arkansas Problem Gambling Council reports increase in calls for gambling help following Super Bowl

Arkansas – Arkansas witnessed a significant increase in Super Bowl betting this year, with the state’s three casinos recording over $4 million in wagers, marking a $1 million rise from the previous year. This spike in betting activity has caught the attention of the Arkansas Problem Gambling Council, which has reported an uptick in calls for help following the big game.

Seeking Help for Gambling Issues

The Council emphasizes the importance of recognizing gambling problems early on and taking proactive steps towards resolution. A key recommendation for those concerned about their gambling habits is to undergo a self-assessment to better understand their behavior. The Arkansas Problem Gambling Council operates a 24/7 helpline offering mental health advice and practical steps for dealing with gambling addiction. Counselors provide guidance on self-exclusion from casinos and financial management strategies to control gambling impulses. One such strategy includes setting firm gambling limits and avoiding bets based on emotions.

Vena Schexnayder from the Arkansas Problem Gambling Council highlighted the ease of access to sports betting as a major risk factor. With smartphones acting as “casinos in their pocket,” the temptation to gamble is never more than a tap away. This accessibility has led to a greater risk of developing a gambling problem.

The Council’s operations are supported by a grant from the Arkansas Department of Finance, ensuring that anyone facing gambling challenges can access the support they need. Those in need are encouraged to reach out by calling or texting the helpline at 1800-GAMBLER, where they can find services that will help them recover and regain control over their gambling habits.

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