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Arkansas sends reinforcements to support border control operations in Texas

Arkansas – Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that the Arkansas National Guard will deploy approximately 40 Guardsmen to support the Texas National Guard’s efforts to secure the border with Mexico. This deployment, scheduled from April 1st to May 30th, aims to tackle the challenges of illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and human trafficking, which Governor Sanders attributes to the failed federal administration’s policies.

Enhancing Border Security and Inter-State Cooperation

The directive emphasizes Arkansas’ commitment to supporting Texas in addressing what Governor Sanders describes as a crisis at the southern border. Despite the Arkansas Guardsmen operating under the Texas National Guard’s lead, they will remain under Governor Sanders’ control throughout their mission, ensuring a coordinated effort to secure the border and safeguard the states involved.

“President Biden opened our southern border to an invasion of illegal immigrants, drugs, and human trafficking and is now criticizing Texas for stepping up where his administration has failed. I’ve seen the crisis our President created firsthand, and I know the incredible men and women of the Arkansas Guard can help supplement Texas’ efforts to keep our border secure and our states safe,” Governor Sanders stated.

Maj. Gen. Jonathan Stubbs, Arkansas’ Adjutant General, echoed this commitment to inter-state assistance, citing the Arkansas National Guard’s history of aiding neighboring states during crises. He reassured that the soldiers would be well-prepared for their roles in supporting the Texas National Guard’s operations.

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The deployment is in response to the surge in illegal border crossings, which have reportedly reached record levels under President Biden’s administration. Governor Sanders, along with 14 other governors, visited the border on February 4th to demonstrate their collective support for Texas’ efforts to manage the border crisis. This upcoming deployment marks a continuation of Arkansas’ involvement in border security operations, following a previous deployment of approximately 80 Guardsmen in July 2023 and another 40 Guardsmen in the summer of 2021 under Governor Hutchinson.

The Arkansas Guardsmen will primarily focus on enhancing the Texas National Guard’s surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, aiming to improve detection and tracking of illegal activities along the border. This initiative builds upon Arkansas’ historical support for border security missions, including the significant contribution of over 750 soldiers and airmen to Operation Jump Start between June 2006 and July 2008.

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