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Arkansas State Police arrests police chief over kidnapping allegations

Arkansas – Arkansas State Police have arrested Eudora Police Chief, 45-year-old Michael Henderson Pitts, on serious criminal charges. Pitts’ arrest, executed on January 30th, stemmed from an incident that took place in October 2023, involving felony kidnapping.

The Tenth Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney launched the investigation into Chief Pitts’ alleged misconduct in November 2023. The Arkansas State Police’s Special Investigations Unit was tasked with delving into these allegations, which led to Pitts’ subsequent arrest.

The incident that triggered the investigation occurred when Pitts responded to a call at a Eudora gas station. The dispatch was for a man reportedly causing a disturbance at the location. However, the situation escalated when Pitts allegedly overstepped his legal authority. Arkansas State Police report that instead of addressing the disruption in a lawful manner, Pitts unlawfully detained the individual involved, identified as 49-year-old John Hill Jr.

The situation escalated when Pitts reportedly transported Hill to a secluded area in Chicot County. It is alleged that once there, Hill was not only unlawfully detained but also assaulted by Pitts, leading to his injury and abandonment in the remote location.

In a recent turn of events, Chief Pitts surrendered to the Chicot County Sheriff’s Office. Following his surrender, he was processed, and a bond of $5,000 was set. This arrest has undoubtedly raised serious concerns about the conduct of law enforcement officials and their adherence to legal and ethical standards.

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