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New date set for Gary Cawood’s “Field Notes” photography exhibition at The ARTSpace on Main

Pine Bluff, Arkansas – The ARTx3 Campus has announced a new date for the opening reception of the anticipated photography exhibition “Field Notes” by Gary Cawood. Initially postponed due to bad weather, the event is now set for 5-7 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 2. The exhibition will be showcased in the Loft Gallery at The ARTSpace on Main, located at 623 S. Main St.

Gary Cawood, the artist behind “Field Notes,” has a unique artistic vision. He is captivated by landscapes that have been altered or reshaped due to human activities, such as abandoned quarries and new construction sites. Through his lens, Cawood captures the interplay between man-made changes and nature’s response, highlighting the transition from the new to the weathered and aged. His photography in this collection comprises 33 images, focusing on the concept of scale as a critical component of visual storytelling. Cawood skillfully integrates measuring scales into his scenes, creating compositions that blur the lines between precision and abstraction.

Visitors can view the “Field Notes” exhibition until Wednesday, April 24. The exhibition, sponsored by Relyance Bank, offers a unique perspective on the ever-evolving dialogue between humanity and nature, as seen through Cawood’s artistic interpretation. This event presents a fantastic opportunity for art enthusiasts and the general public to explore the dynamic relationship between human intervention and the natural world.

Olivia Martinez



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