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BFit Training Gym opens doors in Little Rock

Little Rock, Arkansas – The SoMa neighborhood in downtown Little Rock welcomed a new addition to its community with the grand opening of BFit Training Gym on Scott Street, near 17th and Main. The event, marked by a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday, attracted dozens of enthusiasts eager to witness the launch of this new fitness hub.

Braylon Graves, the owner of BFit Training Gym, shared his excitement and vision during the event. He emphasized the importance of staying active for people of all ages, highlighting his commitment to inclusivity in fitness. Graves has designed his training programs to cater to a diverse clientele, ensuring that both younger and older members can participate effectively. This approach involves modifying exercises to accommodate the varied needs of his clients, embodying the philosophy that fitness is for everyone.

Graves’ journey to opening his own gym is a testament to his passion for fitness and dedication to his craft. His fitness journey began as a student at Arkansas State University, where he first started working out and training with friends. This experience sparked a deeper interest in fitness, leading him to work with other trainers and clients. Over time, his dream of opening a gym took shape, culminating in the establishment of BFit Training Gym.

The opening of BFit Training Gym is not just a personal achievement for Graves but also a significant addition to the Little Rock fitness community. It stands as a symbol of his journey from a fitness enthusiast to a professional trainer and now a gym owner, inspiring many in the community to pursue their health and fitness goals.

Ava Thompson



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