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Diesel fuel prices show nationwide decline

Recent data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) indicates a downward trend in diesel fuel prices across the United States. As of January 1st, the national average for a gallon of diesel has decreased, marking a noteworthy shift in fuel costs.

The national average price for diesel now stands at $3.876 per gallon. This figure represents a decline from the previous weeks, with prices recorded at $3.914 per gallon on December 25 and $3.894 per gallon on December 18. These consecutive drops in price point to a trend of decreasing diesel costs, offering some relief to consumers nationwide.

Regional variations in diesel prices are notable. The Gulf Coast boasts the lowest average price in the country at $3.565 per gallon. In contrast, California experiences the highest diesel prices, with an average of $5.184 per gallon. This significant difference highlights the geographical disparities in fuel pricing across the nation.

Looking at other regions, the Midwest has an average diesel price of $3.750 per gallon as of January 1st. Meanwhile, the East Coast’s average sits just over $4 per gallon. These regional figures contribute to the overall national average and reflect the diverse economic factors influencing fuel prices in different parts of the country.

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