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Family in Pine Bluff shot in late night incident

Pine Bluff, Arkansas – A man, his girlfriend, and her 11-year-old daughter were hospitalized after being shot at an apartment complex in Pine Bluff. This harrowing incident took place in the early hours of Tuesday at the intersection of 24th Avenue and South Linden Street.

The Pine Bluff Police Department report details the incident that unfolded around 12:04 a.m. at 2400 S. Linden St. Officer Dante Nicholson, who was initially responding to assist the fire department with a vehicle fire at a nearby location, was informed en route about the shooting happening near the fire scene.

Upon arriving, Officer Nicholson discovered a distressing scene. He found two of the victims, the 11-year-old girl and her mother, receiving medical attention from the firefighters of Engine 3, Station 3. They were lying near the curb in front of the address where the shooting occurred. It was then revealed that Braylin Johnson, 26, who had run inside Apartment No. 2 above the burning vehicle, was also a victim of the shooting. As per Nicholson’s narrative, he met Johnson descending the stairs, noticing his limp and the blood dripping from his foot.

The firefighters who were attending to the victims were the only witnesses at the scene. They reported seeing a vehicle pass by during the shooting, with at least three occupants inside. Two sergeants and a crime scene technician subsequently arrived to investigate further.

Johnson, while at the hospital, told Officer Nicholson that he was awakened by the sound of an explosion. He saw his girlfriend’s car engulfed in flames and immediately acted to get Johnta Gaddie, 36, and her daughter out of the apartment. As they stood outside, a silver/gray Hyundai Sonata drove past them and began shooting.

Gaddie’s statement to Nicholson corroborated Johnson’s account. She mentioned not being able to see the gunmen as her back was turned towards them when the shooting occurred. Johnson also stated that he did not recognize the shooters.

This violent episode has left the community in shock. The suspect or suspects involved in the shooting have not been identified. Thankfully, all three victims, including the young girl, suffered non-life-threatening injuries and are currently recovering. The Pine Bluff Police Department continues to investigate this alarming incident, seeking to uncover the motives behind the shooting and identify those responsible for this reckless act of violence. The incident has raised concerns about safety and the need for increased vigilance in the community.

Ava Thompson



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