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Firefighters bring festive spirit to Pine Bluff

Pine Bluff, Arkansas – The Pine Bluff Fire and Emergency Services is bringing festive cheer to their community this holiday season. Starting from November 26 and continuing through December 24, they will conduct their annual Holiday Santa Run. This event symbolizes more than just celebration; it’s a beacon of joy and community spirit in Pine Bluff.

One of the city’s reserve fire trucks has been transformed into a beacon of holiday spirit. Adorned with twinkling Christmas lights and equipped with a sound system, the truck will play Christmas music, adding to the festive atmosphere as it travels through various neighborhoods. This decoration has been made possible thanks to the generous contributions of Carrington Electric and Stereo Junction, whose support has been crucial in enhancing the joyous experience.

The Pine Bluff Fire Department expressed deep gratitude for these donations in their press release, acknowledging the significant role these contributions have played in bringing this event to life.

Firefighters, the unsung heroes of the community, will be out each night from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Their mission isn’t just to spread holiday cheer but also to remind everyone to have a fire-safe Christmas. The festively decorated fire truck isn’t just a symbol of celebration but also a reminder of the importance of safety during the holiday season.

The official kickoff for this event is scheduled for November 26, coinciding with the Community Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. This will take place at the Pine Bluff Civic Center, located at 200 E. 8th St. It’s a perfect opportunity for the community to get a first glimpse of the festive fire truck and join in the start of the holiday celebrations.

The Pine Bluff Fire Department has also provided a full schedule of the Santa Run fire truck’s appearances, which can be found in their press release. It’s important to note that this schedule might be subject to change due to emergency calls or inclement weather conditions.

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