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Gas prices in Arkansas climbed significantly over the last month; Pine Bluff sees average prices of $2.72

Pine Bluff, Arkansas – As of Monday, the national average price for a gallon of regular-grade gasoline stands at $3.196, showing a slight increase from $3.148 a week ago, according to data from AAA. This upward trend in fuel costs is also reflected in Arkansas, where gas prices have been steadily rising.

In the Natural State, the average gasoline price has climbed by 3.2 cents over the last week, reaching $2.79 a gallon, as reported by GasBuddy.com. This marks a significant increase of 19.1 cents compared to the prices a month ago, although it’s still 27.4 cents cheaper than the rates from the same period last year. The average price in Pine Bluff was $2.72.

Pine Bluff sees gas prices fluctuating between $2.66 and $2.84. A closer look at gas prices across specific stations in Pine Bluff:

  • Brookshire’s on 2721 S Camden Rd and Saracen Q Store on 3513 Market St both offer the lowest reported price at $2.66 for regular gas.
  • Shell at 5600 S Olive St lists regular gas at $2.71, with diesel available at $3.99.
  • Exxon on 2901 W 28th Ave tops the range at $2.84 for regular gas, with midgrade available at $3.34 and diesel at $3.49.

It’s important for motorists to remember that gas prices can vary widely and may change frequently. To ensure the best deal, drivers are encouraged to check the latest prices before heading to the gas station.

Ava Thompson



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