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Governor Sanders announced much-needed financial assistance for communities facing water issues

Arkansas – Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders has recently made an announcement that will impact the lives of more than 22,000 residents in Arkansas. On February 28, 2024, the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission approved over $42 million in financial assistance dedicated to enhancing the state’s water and wastewater systems. This funding initiative underscores the state’s commitment to ensuring every citizen has access to reliable and safe water services.

Much Needed Support for Communities

Governor Sanders expressed her administration’s dedication to improving Arkansas’ water infrastructure, highlighting the necessity of financial aid for communities grappling with challenges related to their water facilities. “Every Arkansan deserves access to safe and consistent running water,” Sanders stated, emphasizing the importance of the projects in addressing critical issues faced by these communities.

Arkansas Secretary of Agriculture Wes Ward voiced his support for the governor’s efforts, noting the collaboration between the Department of Agriculture and local communities to rectify deficiencies in water and wastewater systems. The intervention in Helena-West Helena was specifically mentioned as an example of the governor’s resolve to tackle difficult situations and enhance living conditions for Arkansans.

Funding Allocation Details

The financial assistance will be distributed among six water and wastewater projects across different counties, each aimed at improving or expanding services to meet the needs of their respective communities:

  1. Helena West-Helena, Phillips County, is set to receive an emergency $100,000 loan along with an $11 million loan to serve a customer base of 5,500.
  2. City of Mena, Polk County, will benefit from an $11.58 million loan, catering to 5,558 customers.
  3. City of Mountainburg, Crawford County, is granted a $7.03 million loan to support 6,184 customers.
  4. City of Mulberry, Crawford County, receives a $7.54 million loan for its 1,543 customers.
  5. Tri County Regional Water Distribution District, Pope County, is allocated a $5 million loan to assist 3,500 customers.

Governor Sanders’ announcement also included the initiation of a comprehensive review of the Arkansas State Water Plan. This step, along with direct actions like approving loans and providing essential services such as potable water and support from the Arkansas National Guard, demonstrates a proactive approach to addressing the ongoing water system challenges in Helena West-Helena and beyond. This funding marks a pivotal moment in Arkansas’ efforts to secure a sustainable and safe water future for its residents.

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