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Birthday luck brings Conway resident $25,000 LOTTO prize

Arkansas – A resident of Conway, James E., found himself $25,000 richer after participating in the March 2 LOTTO drawing. The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Claim Center confirmed his prize claim on March 5.

A Birthday Win

The winning ticket was purchased at the Dave Ward Drive Satterfield, located at 1655 Dave Ward Drive in Conway. The lucky numbers that transformed the couple’s financial outlook were 2, 4, 9, 14, 16, and 18, with a bonus number of 33. Interestingly, James bought the ticket as a special birthday gift for his wife, coinciding with the drawing date.

Celebrating her birthday, James’ wife humorously expressed her desire for a winning ticket, a wish that fate took to heart. The couple, who went out for dinner on Feb. 29, decided to try their luck and buy a lottery ticket on their way home. Preferring local games like LOTTO and the Natural State Jackpot for their perceived better odds, they opted for a Quick Pick ticket, allowing a computer to select their numbers.

The discovery of their win was delayed due to unstable internet, leading to a suspenseful revelation on Monday evening. Using her phone, James’ wife checked the numbers and found they had matched five out of the six required for the jackpot. Her disbelief turned into excitement as they confirmed the win, despite missing the jackpot by just one number.

Plans for the Prize

With no plans to splurge the winnings unwisely, the couple is looking forward to spending the $25,000 on a practical necessity. They intend to build a new fence to ensure the safety of their grand-fur-baby they’ll be puppy-sitting this summer.

Determined to try their luck again, James and his wife have already purchased new tickets for the next LOTTO drawing, hopeful for the jackpot. The LOTTO game’s jackpot is currently at $1.19 million, nearing its highest ever since its inception.

For more information about the lottery games, visit MyArkansasLottery.com.

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